Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Speculations ...

Oh my, will you look at that. As I sit down to work on my next blog posting. Then realizing that I have lost a whole week somewhere.

Of course it doesn't help, that at work last week I picked up a couple of night maintenance shifts. Along with three dish washing shifts. As well as working on household chores at home, and not forgetting that never ending yard work either. So my spare time was pretty much tied up with relaxing and sleeping. As personal wants, wishes, desires, dreams and hobbies, have been temporarily been put on the back burner ~ or so it would seem.

Now if our world was a little farther from the sun, the year would be a little bit longer. Also if our world spun a little more slowly, the days would be a little bit longer. But would I be able to accomplish any more in a days time? Probably not. Also if those changes happened, would it mean that life would still exist on this world as we know it? Again probably not.

So my friends, I guess that;
"The hurryeder that I go, The behinder that I get";
Also seems to apply to me.

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