Saturday, August 30, 2014

Set Back-Update

Well folks  ... like the title states I have had a major setback in my plans. I contacted a patton company to get some answers and maybe some help. What a shocking expirence that was, $500.00 - $800.00 non refundable for a patton search, and if all was good-to-go for the classification that I was after, then a conseptual idea patton could run me a cool $100k up to $250k. You read that right that right a possible 1/4 of a million dollars, good thing that I was sitting down ... as it was I almost dropped the phone and nearly had a heart attack.

Well there goes my idea of building my own unique cargo velomobiles for sale, that I was going to use as a retirement personal business. Now I guess I'll just build what I want for personal use and any of my friends that want one, I'll build for them with a small mark up to cover my time (@ say $10/hr) plus cost. Sounds fair to me. Any feed back on this?

I guess that this turn of events is better for me, as that way I'll have time to travel and see our world at a slower pase and have some fun along the way. Now I need that welder more than ever. I have been picking up tools along the way including a generater to mainly power the welder when I get it, also the generater works great as a camp gennie and for other electrical "toys" that I have, it just takes a little gas to ruin it. The dog is not fond of the generater though ...

Guess thats it for now my friends ... pedal on and hope to see you on the byways
HPVTraveler signing off for now ...

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