Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To stay conneted I have to what ... Blog?!?!?!

OK, here is a nearly 60yr old (58 in 3/??/2012) trying to understand a 20yr old communication game. So please bear with me, as I a plod along. If I screw up feel free to let me know, possibly with a explanations on what I did wrong and how to go about maybe fixing it.

Now with the above statement out of the way ... To anyone visiting ... WELCOME! I am glad that you are visiting me. Let me just give you a little info. here. My intention is to talk about my designs for transportation, shelter/housing (possibly all in one) and ways to live a simpler and maybe better way of life. Partially off of the grid, at first but eventually permanently off of the grid. Somewhat out of big government's sight/hearing and as self sustaining as possible. This should be interesting, hopefully fun, probably frustrating and I hope not insulating to anyone. So that said let's begin.

Let me introduce everyone to a web forum to which I belong  http://www.atomiczombie.com/ some very knowledgeable people hang out there and openly discuss bicycle, tricycle and quadracycle building, and rebuilding mainly in the recumbent style.

The reason that I mentioned that forum is my designs are loosely based on bicycles, tricycles and quadracycles. The camaraderie there is also fun. So OK enough chatter let's get to it ...

For the last 2yrs or so I have been doodling on napkins and it has come to this realization 'That I want to help the less fortunate' either in housing/shelter or transportation or simply living a better way of life, maybe combining all of it into one vehicle. A tall order I know, and I am but a small voice in a sea of many. But sometimes a whisper can be heard above it all.

At any rate some of my doodles have grown enough to earn names:

Shade Forger ~ a tadpole trike that is car like
Runabout ~ a delta trike that is car like

Go-For ~ a tadpole trike that is van like
Errand Runner ~ a delta trike that is van like

Little Hauler ~ a tadpole trike that is truck like
Think-I-Can Hauler ~ a delta trike that is truck like
Hauler Champ ~ a hefty delta dual axle trike that is truck like

Weekender ~ a long tadpole trike ~ good for light camping, but could be beefed up
Vagabond ~ a long delta trike ~ a good cross between the Weekender and the Odyssey Schooner
Odyssey Schooner ~ a hefty delta dual axle trike ~ excellent for extended or expedition camping
H.P.E.A. Vardo ~ a quadracycle ~ excellent for sedimentary camping
(Human Powered Electrical Assisted)

The H.P.E.A. Vardo is worked up into a loose design, with commentary in a pdf format. Will post it when I figure out how to do that.

Am currently working on the design for the weekender. I had a thought about full disclosure here with details and precise measurements. I may still do that, it will depend on the interest in the plans. If I go into business though I may sell the plans or build the rigs and sell them or both as am unsure as of yet how much interest there would be in my designs. Please feel free to comment, or suggest on anything here

Thank you for visiting ...

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