Friday, December 2, 2011

How and why the title evolved into ... Apocalyptic Wheelz

First of all I believe that if more people used pedaled powered vehicles for those little jaunts the $$$ savings would help out their wallets, also a side benefit would be better health. Along with a greener future for us all.

Now my intentions here is to aid, and/or advise on the A ~ Z needs for building pedal powered wheels. Without 'Big Oil's' or 'Big Brother's' or 'Big Government's' so called advice.

This blog will be mainly used to document my deconstruction, of common bicycles and some other parts thrown into the mix. While I rebuild them into unique recumbent trikes and quadracycles. I may build recumbent bikes for others, personally I prefer to have the stability of at least three wheels under me, am not as young as I once was and I heal more slowly it seems. After building the rigs and getting the kinks worked out and adjusted or fixed, if a outer skin is added to envelope the whole thing, there by making the rig into what is called a Velomobile. Basically a pedal powered vehicle, that is legal as a bicycle on the roads.

Say good-bye to higher and higher gas prices, 'Big Oil's' demands, 'Big Brother's' demeaning yells for "MMMooommm, do you know what 'You-Know-Who-Is-Doing-Now?'?". Also say good-bye to 'Big Government's' licenses, tags, insurances and other monetary regulations  that hold us all in the grip of their financial chains. While keeping us held back from living up to our full potential.

Now we get to the matter of the title ... Apocalyptic Wheelz.

Any disaster that may befall anyone of us. Be it a job loss, or something more devastating like a home loss, for what ever reason. Maybe something happened on a larger scale, be it in your neighborhood, or your county, maybe even bigger still. What I am saying is that it doesn't matter what happens or when or even if something bad happens. As long as we are prepared with alternate plans of action and alternate modes of transportation. We can survive quite a lot.

So follow along and watch maybe even join in, as I prepare to roll with the punches and be ready to move out at the drop of whatever may come along. Now if nothing bad happens ... well at least I will have some fun wheels to bum around on at any rate.

Let's start having some fun dispite what the neighbors might say ...

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