Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Learning Curve Headache

Any new project or hobby has it's own learning curve stumbling blocks to over come. This I know all to well, as my life as in any one's life, we all have to over come adversity, anguish and self dought. Staying in ones own shell is safer and has a secure feel to it, but ask any egg how easy its shell can crack. Once cracked things tend to leak in or out. Also curiosity sets in ...

My point is that we all feel insecure and insignificant at many times in our lives. I am at one of those points now with this blog, and with my bike hacking and rebuilding. Since I am at the beginning of them both and trying to combining them as well. So as I stumble along please bare witness, that I am human with all of the emotional baggage that comes with our being human.

I remember something that a science teacher in high school once told me, can't remember who now, "The one thing in the Universe that is constant is ... Change!". Change happens to us all, in more ways than I could even fathom, of that I am certain. So I guess that we are all stuff of the Universe, of which we all are but a speck of dust in.

I hope that my ramblings here are not lost on everyone, after all change is where ideas come from. Change and ideas and adversity and community are part of the baggage of humanity. The part that gives us all the strength and determination become better than we are. Hence we start new projects giving us a chance to grow and maybe to better ourselves.

So yes I may stumble and falter, I may even fall sometimes. But I will get up again and stumble on ...


  1. Morning to you from England. The Cat here Ako Thomas Wiggins. Yes there is alot to be said for that factor of life "Change". Finding through projects and a new fellowship recently found. That change can be rewarding and painfull together but the outcome is growth to this condition of living life. Hope your plans flow and retirement gives you fellowship and peace. Good-bye until another day.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. But that retirement that I spoke of is a few years away, I can see it comming though.

    This blog is meant to be a cataloging of preperation for said retirement, and the life beyond retirement.

    Again thank you for your comment and kind words.