Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pedal Reasoning...

My parents grew up with the internal combustion engine. Along with the auto industry. So yes they are hooked on all of the hype of ... Bigger, Better, Badder, More Expencive, Gotta-Have-It or your life will not be worth living over blown advertising.

Now since the '70's the cost of fuel keeps going up, along with other costs of transporting goods. Forcing those in business, to raise their prices so that they can stay in busness. There by helping to keep their work force believing, that they have a chance to reach for that fabled "Golden Ring". Along with all of the, Trinkets, Baubles and Toys thrown in ... A merry-go-round that seams to be spinning ever faster and faster.

I was once on that ride, when I was younger. Until my eyes were forced open to the reality of it all. My income could not, nor would ever allow me to stay in the running for that fabled "Golden Ring". Nor any of those Bigger, Better, Badder, More Expenceive, Gotta-Have-It, Trinkets, Baubles and Toys. That unfortunetly have become the nessesities of a modern upwardly mobile society. What some have come to call the "In Crowd", and others aspire to and want to beome.

Now while I was still believing in all of that marketing maddness, I was fixing neighborhood kids bikes. To make the kids happy, and me a little coin. So, now that I can see some kind of retirement loaming on my horizon, in say 9 to 13 years. Am trying to revive my ability as a bicycle repairman, for a retirement aiding inome. Also when my drivers liesence expires next, I will be 65 years young. By that time, am planning on being entirely pedal powered mobile. That alone should help my health, along with better controling of my vices for stress control (will talk more on that else where). Now am relearning old skills and new ones (blogging being among them). Also understanding the ins and outs of the modern bicycling industry ~ construction, building and repairing to further my chances of success.

Also am playing with one of my old skills, drafting. So that I can maybe do some redesigning. With some of my own cycling ideas. While I remember that everything that is "New" and "Improved", started out as someone else's idea. Maybe that fabled "Golden Ring" is not out of my reach, just yet ...

However I do know that, most all of those so called "Over Night" success stories take years of effort to happen. So, yes I am laying down the building blocks, to maybe make a better way of life for myself and those around me. Who also believe that the "Road To Success" has more than one type of road to follow ... maybe a cycling trail or path?

So to everyone's health ... Let's all go cycling.

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