Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good Things Coming ...

I had planned on having this weeks post up and ready for every one's perusal this past Monday. However once again life got in the way of my plans. I suppose that it didn't help that the fourth of July's Independence Day celebrations were held over through last weekend as well. Or that some of what I had planned on posting was playing hide-n-seek with me. Am beginning to think that an imp or gremlin is having some fun, at my expanse. At any rate I found what I was looking for late today. So next weeks post will be a culmination of a two week effort.

Am reminded of an old proverb Russian I think ... The hour of the wolf. When your troubles are scratching at the door, Take a long draft of Vodka to keep the wolf at bay, then several smaller sips of Vodka to keep any pups at bay also. Not sure if it works on imps or gremlins, May need to drink some Captian Morgan or Jack Daniels maybe some Black Velvet.

At any rate the pains are dissipating and nullifying,
As the blur of night transforms;
To the mists of,
A new morning of possibilities ...

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