Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence ...

Independence means many things to many different people, all around this big blue marble called Earth ~ Our collective home. In the United States of America at a time in our past, on the date of 1776/7/4, a group of men signed a parchment titled "The Declaration Of Independence". This document declared and decreed that the United States (the Colonies) of America, are to be free of English rule and terror for all time. Those 56 men became known as the fathers of our country. As their act of high treason against king and country set in motion a grand experiment ~ A land ruled for, of, and by the people. Liberty now had center stage, as the monarchs of the world watched with fear in their eyes and terror in their hearts.

236 years have passed as the land of Liberty has become a world power. Yes, the United States of America has stumbled a few times, and bloodied It's self. Also the land of Liberty nearly tore It's self apart, in the war between the States. But as the insanity of the times passed and the reality of killing Ones brother set in, The faltering fledgling nation began to heal It's self and look to the future once again. Yes, as a nation the United States of America has made a mess of things many times. As our leaders try to spread our grand experiment beyond our borders.

Personally I hope that our elected leaders, will learn to listen more clearly and closely to the will of the people who elected them to office. That way maybe the grand experiment of Liberty may one day be the guiding light that our fore fathers envisioned it to be ...

Happy 4th of July Birthday to the 
Land Of Liberty.

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