Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sorry that I have been away ...

I have not been able to even get on-line, for a while know. Thanks to Mother Nature. You see back in August a powerful thunder storm roared through my neck of the woods, well long story short. It had a bolt of lightning hit our fence. As it turned out the phone line was laid under the fence and was way to close to the surface. Well it took out all of our electronics that were plugged in at the time.

We were home at the time which was a good thing, so that we could put out the fires that erupted in three seperate rooms at once. I'm glad that the horses and milk goats and dogs were in the shed at the time, because it has lightning rods on top. Yes we are all fine ... no one was hurt.

We have since redug the phone line down to a depth of 6 feet. We are also slowly replacing what was distroyed. But slowly we are getting back to normal, and soon my friends I'll be able to get back into publishing my weekly posts ... which I miss doing and sharing with everyone.

There you have it, my friends,
The short and skinny;
I'll be back talking with everyone before you know it

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