Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life can get in the way ...

OK, things are progressing slowly at best like normal ... LOL. This Spring I bought a generator to help keep my landlord's Mrs out of my wallet, to pay for the electric that the Mrs half of my friend is afraid of the $$$ amount that a welder would rack up. Also bought a 90 amp electric flux-core welder. However the thing is that the first one looked like parts were missing, so I took it back ... the second welder had everything and went together easily, however no arch so it went back ... now am on the third welder and a rain day today on my first day off. Soooo will see what the weather has in store for us tomorrow.

It seems  that the welder is the linchpin just now. As I have been piking up tools and bicycles to use for parts for some time now. Just waiting on getting a working welder now. Also have my plans set to go as well, including an innovation of the popular teardrop campers.

So there you have it my friends,
an update on where I sit and why Am waiting ...
Hopefully my next update will be sooner than later and good news.

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