Monday, February 20, 2012


That earge to move, to see what is over the horizon or at least that next hill. Mobility. We all feel that earge and also have it with in us to be mobile. But why? What do you mean "Why, What?". What I am asking us to consider for a moment is, why does mankind as a whole seem to be a mobile society?

Personally I can't point to any one factor as to why. Nor can anyone else for that matter, with any kind of certainty. That said might I suggest that we look to our genes. Scientific theory has it that we evolved from a primitive type of people that were known as hunter/gatherers. No I am not slighting any one's religion or belief system, because it does not matter which faith that you are or which Holy Book that you believe in or follow. For when "Eden" was lost to all of mankind, then maybe that is where scientific theory can actually take up the story from. That at any rate is my belief, also I have heard others explain this in a similar fashion.

OK, maybe that whole idea is just off in it's totality, because the explanation may just be simple wanderlust. I will admit this if you will, that the real reason really may never truly be known for certain. As to why we are as mobile as we are, and that is not what this blog is here to try to define either. All that I am saying is that, we humans are a mobile people and mankind as a whole is for the most part a mobile society.

Let's put that to one side for know and go with this. Since mankind is a mobile society, why not build our personal transportation's to be more economical and environmentally friendly. While helping to keep everyone using them more fit and healthy. That is what this blog is more about. Also fit and healthy people tend to save more of their hard earned coins when it comes to health care, as it should cost less for the most part.

This may shock you, it doesn't really matter to me how anyone gets from point A to point B. However might I suggest that everyone stop spending 1,000's of your hard earned coins on gas and diesel guzzlers. After all there are far more efficient machines to use. That use pedals in a circular motion to transfer personal energy into forward motion.

Now it also doesn't matter to me the number of wheels under you. One wheel, unicycle. Two wheels, bicycle. Three wheels, tricycle. Four wheels, quadracycle. Also you can choose from two seating position styles ~ the up-wrong or the recumbent.

I say up-wrong because after traveling around for a while, you start to feel like you are being split from groin to brisket. Your back hurts and fatigue sets in. Yes, I did first learn how to ride a bike on an up-wrong. Also over the years I have owned and rode many more. However my eyes have recently been opened to a far more comfortable ride, that is called a recumbent. They are not a new idea by any means, dating from the early 1900's. The up-wrongs were easier to mass-produce, so the brain washing began. But the recumbents were so comfortable and so fun to ride, that they would not go quietly into the night.

Since every generation seems to have their free thinkers, tinkerers, experimenters and those who just seem to question the status quo. Recumbents have re-emerged into the light. They are a very comfortable ride, like you are sitting in a recliner. It has pedals instead of a footrest. Being laid back allows one's head to be up right. Your back does not hurt, nor does your arse feel like it is splitting. Your feet are forward, almost like walking. It feels so natural.

Now with three gears on the pedals and nine gears on the drive wheel(s), that gives a total of 27 gears to choose from for power and speed. So in effect 30mph with pedals is possible. Oh wait, that is the speed for most city streets. Another point against fossil fuel guzzlers.

I'll be working on my own recumbent tricycle in the near future, as am working on clearing up some personal obstacles. This blog is a place to point to along with other online forums like That show and aid in clearing out objectionable attitudes of other people in my life. Who like to demean my efforts and tell me that I am to old to be a free thinker and a dreamer. Sometimes parents and siblings can be such a dragging weight, since their dreams have died. Sometimes I wonder if they think that mine need to do so as well. Oops, personal life is showing itself.

In conclusion How we travel from point A to point B, is for the most point a personal choice. What we use and its price tag tends to determine how hard or long that we have to work to acquire it. Also how and where we live tends to have a say in our work. As well as the quality of our life. After trying to live the "American Dream" for most of the last 58 years, I am more than ready to leave the rat race to the rats. Then follow a quieter, cheaper and slower paced life style. Mobility. Still will I have, but at my chosen pace.

So from this soap box, Happy Trails Everyone ...

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