Monday, February 13, 2012

Valintine Dreaming

World sweetheart day is 2/14 of every year. How did this holiday get started? Well, there are many theories. One popular theory holds that the candy companies are at fault. Another claims that the floral companies are at fault. Guilty by association are the greeting card companies. Don't forget another major player in this sting for our hard earned coins, the jewelry companies. Also all of those advertising monies being spent each and every year. The ring leader here may never be truely identified. But it is how we celebrate Valentine's Day today, that has more in common with an ancient pagan fertility ritual rite of spring.

The "festival of the heart" as a matter of fact can trace it's heritage, back all of the way to around the fourth century BC. As a fertility rite of spring for the coming year, both in the fields and in the home. Valintines' Day also has some dark, brouding and bloody historical events, to add to its' reputation and repertoire, Talk about a colorful resume. If you google "origins of valintines' day", some of the listings may astound and surprise you. I really do hope that I didn't just ruin somebodies Valintines' Day now.

However it seems that everyone holds a spark of excitement, or a feeling of longing, possibly even  an explosive emotional experience that they would like to share with another. Some claim that it is the view of tight (painted on type of tight) jeans. Others think it may be the view of those flurtie shorty short shorts. Some others seem to be attracted towards an expertly applied make-up job (war paint?). The exact catalyst for each of us it as different as we are from each other, but still the reaction is the same. The light headedness, the yearning, the wanting and the desire to hold another in this roller coaster ride called Love.

It can start with the lightest of touchings, feeling almost as though feathers may be caressing and tickling while teasing the senses. As goose bumps start to raise to the occasional brushing, tantalizing feeling. The heart seems to skip a beat rather irregularly while quivering seemingly uncontrollably in anticipation, and sounding a little like a drum solo at a Rolling Stones concert. But only you can hear it while your blood rushes, poundingly, pushing, pultsatingly in a firery fury forward through your veins. Your skin feels warm to the touch from the fire within, as you shiver with anticipation. Your fingers rise as if with a vigor  of their own, to tenderly, touchingly lovingly caress the other. But you seam to hesitate, almost pulling back, not wanting to hurt or abuse or cause the other to feel as though they were being cornered. Still that yearning presses forward, as you lean in, inching slowly ever so slowly (Did time just stop?) closer. Your lips start to quiver with that anticipated touch, as your mouth seams to go dry. You can't seam to think and speech is almost a garble. Breathing feels difficult, like an anvil is on your chest. The world around seams to fade from view. As hesitantly your lips form a pucker and lightly barely touching, gently, gingerly, gaspingly perform their first true kiss. Awww!

Then reality explodes, with the force of the Big Bang Theory, as that first kiss becomes more powerful and forceful. With the feeling that you just don't ever want to let it go. Or to loose that contact high, personal touch, eternal embrace, unbelievable feeling, an emotional explosion that leaves you gasping for air. While you realize that your emotional rapture, just erupted into full view of everyone and also that you just don't care. For in that first kiss, childhood is no more than a lost moment of time. For now you have a true long view of your future, instantly laid out in your minds eye. As you dream and lustfully imagine future possibilities, all in an instant. Also that you just can't wait to show off your new creation, that first bicycle, tricycle or quadracycle that you just finished building.

What??? Oh, I see, you thought that I was discribing an emotional contact with another person. I am sorry about that, but has  anyone ever watched as guys go shopping for a new car or truck? It is almost sensual, with the passion involved. In fact I would be willing to bet that it might even be sinful, from a religious point of view. So why not while out of necessity, as we all down size to more economical forms of personal transportation, pass that emotion on to our new set of wheels. Yes I realize that some of my above paragraphs might be considered a little bit racy. But in doing so maybe I was able to draw some people into my new found passion, of trying to help my fellow mankind. As they stumble through a new to them transitional period of their lives. What can I say, other than love is in the air. So why not have a little fun with it?

At any rate Happy Valintines' Day everyone, enjoy and share it with the one that you love...

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