Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men

The title for this post is in referance to my claim that 'I would try my very best to have a new post, every Monday of every week'. For those of you who like to track things, this was my first failure at that. I must apploigize for that, as life stepped in my face this week and spun me around. Work desided that I only needed one day this week. So other commitments fell to the wayside.

The post that I was working on for yesterday is still in the rough stage, and I need to work on it some more. So instead of posting a rough draft, I will post a version of something that I wrote shortly after putting the pdf together for the "Human Powered Electrical-Assisted Vardo" together. Which I still need to figure out how to post for all to see, yes it is on my to-do-list. At any rate please enjoy my stand-in posting:

The Testament Of Enjoyment For Recumbent Cycling

You will start to find excuses to go cycling, after that first recumbent ride. It is so much more fun and enjoyable, after all you are sitting upright but laying back like a recliner. Nothing really hurts ~ not even a little bit. There is no pressure on wrists, groin, neck or shoulders and your back is fully supported. The only actual pain is short lived, because a whole other set of body muscles are being trained. After that it's all good fun.

There really are no down sides to recunbent cycling. The advantages are more riding and wanting to ride even more, because it is so much fun. Now since you will be riding more, you will be getting more exercise. So that will aid in better health, with out going to a boring gym to work out at. You will end up quiting those expensive health clubs, that should save quite a few of your hard earned coins. You will loose the fats and firm up in the process. A recumbent ridden bicycle, tricycle or quadracycle can be a little slower, but the time spent will aid in loosing built up and pent up stress. Also being outside in the fresh air and pedaling will aid in oxygenating your blood, and in turn clense the body of impuritys while balancing the blood pressure. All in all it sounds like a win ~ win situation to me.

The view is an added bonus. For instead of looking at the front wheel, like you would on an up-wrong. You can see it all. Where you are going. What the weather might have in store for you. What is going on all around you. Even what may be comming at you on the road, as in what the other drivers on the road are doing in your favour or not. In short you will be able to watch nature, in all of it's glory or fury. While not listening to the roar of the engine, or the smelling of the fumes ... at least not from your vehicle.

Here is a short historical note;
In the 1890's cycling was all the rage.

The advantages of lowered pollution, also noise pollution and the lowering of our combined carbine footprint.
Should also help to counter some of mankind's added stress on the environment. So let's all park those gas and diesel guzzelers, at least for a day or two. Then maybe in time as more people discover these pleasures of cycling and the advantages involoved, our world might also be able to heal.

Now by putting an outer skin on your rig, you will end up with what is called a Velomobile. The look can be almost anything that you want. Most try to look like a small type of sports car. Some may go for something like a truck. Then you can get into the wild and wacky. On the plus side inclement weather is now more of an inconvenience.

So let's all go cycling ...

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