Monday, March 5, 2012

Prepperation For ... ?

What a week last week turned out to be for me, with only one day off. I am tired still, even with two days off this week of which am on the second as I type this. But that is the way of things in the restaurant business. Here in Florida our busy times run in spurts. It will start to pick up around the last part of November for Thanksgiving, Then slowly ramp up through December with Christmas and New Years. Then be in full swing busy through to Mothers' Day (the second Sunday of May). After that the business will slow down and the available hours are not there, until the holidays get started again. So yes, I am tired. As we are in the full swing of the business and am taking as many hours as I can get, while I can get them.

Enough about me. Lets' shift the focus here, to the early spring like tornado out break. That took place last week, across the eastern half of the United States, then was followed by cold temps. returning, and still more snow. Remember also that by the calender, that spring is still at least three weeks away.

My sympathies to anyone who lost loved ones in those tornadoes and their aftermath.

It is partly because of the crazy weather that some people are experiencing, and partly because of the response time from the authorities to aid the stricken that I am posting this. Now I will admit that we simply can not prepare for any and all things that may happen to us. The cost would be staggering, not to mention the strategic logistics. Or having the ways and means to protect and keep, your own survival provisions would be astronomical. Remember the old adage ~ K.I.S.S. Keep It Stupidly Simple. Also I am not talking about this on a governmental scale, but on a personal size that can be managed by one or two people for "Loose lips can sink ships".

If we start small and add a little each week, to our personal stockpile of supplies. Then it wouldn't take very long at all to amass what would be needed to survive on our own for at least one week. Yes I know that the authorities claim that 72hrs (3-days), is all that we need to worry about. But at the end of those 72hrs (3-days) IF the authorities have made it any where near to your location, how long do you think that the line in front of you might be?

Personally I will admit that I am not as ready for a disaster as I would like to be. Currently I could do those first 72hrs (3-days), but I would be happier if I could last three weeks on my own. The reason behind that time frame is simple really, trusting in others to have my best interests in their capable hands, is a gamble that I am not comfortable with. Also being a refugee in a crowd is an uncomfortable feeling, at best. Has anyone ever seen a stampede? Now when the "chips are down" the veneer of civilization can dissolve, to revele  humanities base animalistic instincts. So I continue to stockpile food and equipment that might be needed. As I continue to re-learn techniques from the past, along with technological ways of doing things. Like personal survival, farmsteading and in general ways to rebuild a socity from the ground up.

I will get into more specific details in latter postings, so as not to give away to much just now. Suffice it to say here, that I live on a deadend dirt road, to aid in surviving the rampaging masses when or if the"$hit hits the fan" (SHTF). I stay away from crowds for the most part. I hate big cities, for they are deathtraps. I will not travel on interstate highways or super highways for the same reason.

I feel that I must again appoligize to everyone here, as I am not trying to scare anyone. Just bringing to light the darker side of humanities underbellie possibilities.

Yes all of this can go along with this blogs' over all intent, as food is the fuel that keeps our bodies in motion. So lets eat our fill and pedal our way to freedom and safety. If you want to bring along some gas or deisel fuel, then it could power a generator. When the noise will not give away your location. Unless you can properly defend your location, that is.

Until next time, be safe everyone ...

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