Monday, March 26, 2012

A Stitch In Time ...

Let me start out here by explaining that when someone talks about or is trying to live cheaply, that there are many ways to go about doing it, not just the way that I am following. Now that I have cleared that up, as I stated in my last post I do not rent the roof over my head. That is right I do own both the roof and the floor, oh yes and the walls too. But the land under my 30' camp trailer, now that I do rent. You see I pay for the electric that I use, also do yard work and help out around the house. When I say "rent", I'm a firm believer in labor exchange over monetary commitment.

Personally these are my reasons for not renting a building (house), or part of a building (apartment). First off would have to be money, or to better explain the lack of money. I have found out that anymore if someone wants to (or has to) rent a house or an apartment, then you have to have up front a deposit (equal to one month's rent) plus first and last month's rent. OUCH!!! Some places also want renters to have renters insurance. I am beginning to think that the first insurance company was an extension of an organized criminal organization, but don't quote me on that one. Now where was I, oh yes building owners are starting to reject renters who do not pass a background check. Wait a minute, a background check to rent a roof over my head? You gotta be kidding me. Then an equally large deposit to turn on the electric. Does anyone in your family like to watch television? Forget about an antenna outside of the building, anymore it has to be a cable company or one of the satellite companies to get any kind of good reception. Not one of them is cheap either. Also if you are a resident of a town or city, well I feel sorry for you. What with another expanse of having to pay for water coming in and sewer going out of your home. Those are just the basic costs, nothing fancy. I did not even mention how close your neighbors are. Oops, I guess that I just did.

Having been raised in the country I enjoy the taste of well water, not chemicals that are loaded into city and town water. As for sewer ... a composting toilet will aid in fertilizing any type of gardening that you may do, even if only in flower pots. Now doing the dishes, or washing the clothes, even taking a bath or a shower creates what is called "gray water", not fit for human consumption ... but your plants will love it. Here is an old idea that should help any new home builder, should your location authorities claim that you MUST install a septic system then do so. But also install a "gray water" catchment system. That can be used to flush your toilets, as well as water you garden. Speaking about the garden, put the shallow root crops in above your leach lines. Waist not want not.

Now when it comes to staying in touch with anyone and/or everyone, I have a cell phone. No land lines for me anymore. My computer connection is DSL so that means one of the satellite companies. This also allows for a skype account (Internet phone service). Because of the satellite system I could also watch TV, but I just don't feel that there is much on that is worth my time. Besides my interests are rather limited ... I don't like sports, sitcoms or game shows all are boring. However I do like to watch nature shows,  news, weather and some sifi can be fun. As to movies I like sifi, action, adventure, intrigue and some drama. So now you see why I no longer own a television. A big table top computer would be nice if I wasn't planning on being mobile, so both have been replaced with a laptop.

How do I pass the time you ask. Well I work at a part-time job 20 or so hour per week. Also where I live on either side of the propriety are what could be called gentleman horse farms that I help on on for other income streams. Now when I was younger I fixed bicycles for the local kids, as a hobby. Am currently trying to re-establish that hobby as a retirement income stream. Also am trying to develop my own cycling line up. Let's see what else, oh yes a weekly posting on this blog. That is trying to keep everyone posted, as to what I am doing and how things are going. I enjoy playing card games like hearts, spades, rummy, pinochle, canasta and yes of course poker. I also enjoy playing table top Dungeons and Dragons (a roll playing game for those of you who have not heard of it before), also like being the story teller or the DM (Dungeon Master of the game) the one who interpreters how the dice rolls play out in the game. Online roll playing games (RPG) can sometimes be fun. I also like to read real books.

Now the main reason that I have so many different projects is simple really, inspiration. When an idea starts to fade, or a type of mental block happens. The I toss it back into the cauldron of possibilities and pull out another project to work on for a while. Since Spring has now sprung this last week, time to put winter things away for another year. So yes more projects as I wash winter clothes and put them away. Then wash warm weather clothes and put them into easy reach. Ah yes the mundane to-do-list.

Now it is time to start defining what it is that I want to accomplish this year. Since time is no longer on my side after having turned 58 this past fortnight, So I need to get started getting started. The foremost project will have to be a mobile workshop. Am leaning in the direction of a dome. Kind of like the monkey bars that can be found on kid's playgrounds, only covered with tarps for shade and weather protection. I have found several styles on the Internet that I like. The reason that I want it to be mobile, is so that I can take it with me as I travel about. Not only for any repairs that may be required to my rig, but also so that I could build and/or repair other people's rigs for a little extra coin in my travels. Am planning on building several camper velomobiles of my own design. Am also planning that by my 60th Barf-day, to be as free as possible of the gas pump nipples. Except for the running of a generator for mobile electricity that is.

My main plan for my senior years, is to become a bicycle repairman. While building unique bicycles, tricycles and quadracycles. All will be a combination of Atomic Zombie designs at and my own designs, there by making the quite unique rigs. I will also aid anyone who wants a velomobile of their own. Either by helping them build their own, or by building one for them. There by being able to supplement my income in my senior years. Yes I know that my plans are grandiose, but the way that I see it is a little wiggle room for any down sizing as the need arises.

Ahhh, the American Dream ~ Working for One's self interests ...

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