Monday, April 2, 2012

A Dilemma To Consider ...

I have been recently asked if I am what is commonly refereed to as a "prepper". They were wondering because of the flavor of some of my posts. Now that made me stop and think for a few minutes, as I have followed that movement for some time now. Have never really thought of myself as a prepper though, after all are they not considered as extremists? Personally I have thought of myself as being a survivor. While trying to follow the "old ways" of doing things. Not those expensive freeze dried fancy packages, but the way it was done back in the late 1800's and early 1900's ~ using general knowledge's to put food into storage by canning, pickling, fermentation, smoking and curing meats as well as dehydration. I don't try to be a hoarder, just keep putting some necessities to one side a little at a time ~ stored for a time of need. Whether that need be caused by nature or a man made crisis or both at the same time.

Now there was a time when I did own guns and stockpiled ammo. However I learned that like food, ammo has a shelf life. Unlike food, ammo's expired attitude can get rather explosive when its' time is up. So have gotten rid of all of my guns and ammo years ago. Don't get me wrong as I am not defenceless by any means. It is rare that I don't have at least two pocket and/or sheath knives on me at all times. I can also set traps and snares for both defence and food harvesting. Along with knowing how to make homemade bows and arrows and crossbows. Have made them in the past and continue to make and practice, so that should the need ever arise I'll be ready.

A prepper ~ Hardly. A survivalists ~ Definitely.
A preservationist of the old ways and techniques ~ Absolutely.

After all guns and ammo don't taste all that good cooked. But if you have the food and the knowledge to harvest and preserve wild foods ~ meat, veggies and fruits. Then as the prepper slowly fades and starves to death, well ... eventually the survivalist will have the guns and ammo, that the now dead prepper no longer needs. Some may think that that is a morbid way of thinking. I however see it as advanced strategic planning, and a way to save money.

OK, lets look at this another way. A prepper stockpiles guns and ammo right? Some may even stockpile reloading supplies and powder, along with food for the long haul. However how many of them know how to make black powder from the raw materials? Like I do. Or for that matter what is called country explosives, made by using fertilizer? Both are simple recipes really, but like cooking a good meal from scratch ~ the devil is in the details and techniques, to avoid a possible loss of a limb or life in an accidental big bang.

Granted knowledge is power. However if said knowledge is used for good or ill, which will better serve the user of the knowledge? I bring this up because it is another dilemma that all who survive what ever is thrown at us will have to face. Yes morality will also play out its' own cause and effect, in mental scenarios and stress on those who survive. Along with the individuals personal intent when it comes to surviving.

As I said earlier, 'I am far from being defenseless'. You see I collect usable swords, daggers and sharp implements. I not only maintain them, but also know how to use each effectively ~ a watermelon doesn't stand a chance. However human emotions and humanity are what separates us from the animals. So when the veneer of civilisation and civility are peeled away, and life of self and loved ones is at stake ...

Well how would you react?

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