Monday, April 30, 2012

Odds And Ends

Before I start this weeks post, let us all give thanks to the computer gods for spell check. Thank you. Now if I may ask another favor of everyone. A couple of moments of silence for all who either try to read my hand writing, or listen to each post before type them up and publish them. ... ... ... Thank you. OK let me explain why I asked this by explain a little bit farther. You see the restaurant that I wash dishes in has a cook who has taken an interest in my posts. He has collected each and every final draft, that I use when I'm typing the posts up on my laptop. That moment of silence was for all who try to read my script, and try to understand what I'm trying to say in each post. Some people in the past have told me that the scrawl that I call handwriting, should be that of a doctor. Oh well maybe I missed my calling, am wondering which fork in my life's path that that one was on that I missed it. At any rate this cook has a complete set of all of my final drafts, complete with my bad grammar and even worse spelling. Not to mention my notes in between the lines. He tells me that making out what I write is an adventure, but in the end when understanding comes he is entertained. He recently asked how I come up with the ideas for posts. I think that I may have scared him a little bit with my answer of "Most of my ideas are off of the top of my head. Some I just keep my eyes and ears open, for related subject matters of this blog. That I might be able to embellish a little bit on". There you go my friend, you are now infamous ~ or is that famous.

On to another topic of interest I hope. My humble aid to jump start the economy is now over, now that my tax return moneys are all spent. I have not gotten anymore of the bike building plans that I wanted to from  That leaves me with just 18 of them, which should keep me busy for some time come. I also picked up two of their books, before my moneys ran out. The books are "Bicycle Builders Bonanza" and "Bike, Scooter and Chopper Projects, For The Evil Genius", both are written by Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan. These two wonderful people are the talent behind A website that they not only maintain and just upgraded on their own. But also are active in their forum and put out a weekly news letter in a pdf format as well. Still more that Brad and Kat do, was last fall they bought a 120 acre homestead. Here I thought that I had a lot on my plate, after all land stewardship has not yet been the cards for me.

Well on to another subject. Am still researching dome construction. As I plan to start building one real soon. Also am starting to set aside money to buy electrical conduit tubing and other supplies. As I'm taking notes to aid in construction of said dome, besides sometimes reading my own hand writing can be interesting. After all why let everyone else have all of the fun at trying to understand my 'hen scratch' ... LOL. All joking aside household chores, work and side projects that help to pay for my 'room & board', tend to keep me rather busy. So this blog and related projects are on my time.

So just what is it to have free time any way?
That's all for now my friends ...

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