Monday, April 16, 2012

Mind Blank & Muscles Sore

Hi everyone I feel that I owe all of you an apology, because I haven't had the time to work on today's post. Normally I spend 3-4 days working on an idea and putting each post together. However this past week, no idea presented its' self as a worthy post. Also my time and daily chores and projects, were keeping me busy to a point of being tired all week long. Just reading emails took longer, as I kept waking up from small naps. Guess I'm just feeling my age.

So I'll just quickly explain why I'm so tired. You see for the past 6 years or so, we have been burning household trash in pits in the back yard as about 90% of all household trash is burnable. What doesn't burn, gets buried. In that time we have had 4 pits now, each being about 20' square and 15'-20' deep. Well with last year being on the dry side and this past winter being really dry. Well we just filled the pit about 3/4 full and have been back filling the pit for the last 2 weeks now. I never burn unless it is raining, so as to not inadvertently start a wild fire. So now all that I need to do is to take a garden rack to rearrange the mound of dirt. In time it will settle in and be level with the rest of the yard. So this week is time to lay out the lines for the next pit and start digging. Yes all of the digging is done by hand, now you know why I'm so sore and tired.

I do have some more good news though. I picked up another 6 plans from . That makes 18 plans now, also have picked out another 6 plans for this week. Oh just so that everyone knows, this is a good deal since the PDF plans sell individually for $16.95 each. So that is a savings of about $72.00 for each set of 6, for a total savings of $288.00. Since I bought the 6 for $36.00 specials, instead of buying all 24 plans individually. At least that will be the savings after this weeks set of 6 plans. Oh if anyone is interested, last weeks set of 6 plans are:

  1. The Tricruiser LWB(Long Wheel Base) Trike
  2. The Wildkat Recumbent
  3. The Tour Master LWB
  4. The Meridian Touring LWB
  5. The Streetfighter Quad(racycle)
  6. The Kyoto Cruiser Trike (a side by side tandem)
Well that just about does it. So I guess I'll kill some time and space by imparting a couple of my favorite and cool summertime recipes both of which are no bake:

Pineapple Cream Pie

1 - 16oz can of crushed pineapple - drained (drink the juice)
1 large instant vanilla pudding package
1 - 16lb tub of sour cream (thick and creamy is best) save about 2 tablespoons for smoothing on top of the finished pie
1 package of dream whip (usually 2 packages in a box)
1 crumb pie crust (or crumble 1 package of graham crackers in a bowl, mix in 2 tablespoons of melted butter then press into bottom and sides of a 9" - 10" pie plate)

Except for the pie crust, place all of the above in a mixing bowl and fold together _ when thoroughly blended, fold into pie crust - there should be a mound in the center. Now take your saved 2 tablespoons of the sour cream and smooth it over the mound to about 2" from the crust. Lightly sprinkle some Cinnamon and Nutmeg over all, then cover the pie but make sure that nothing is touching the top of the pie and place in the fridge until set - about 2 hours. Enjoy!!!

Strawberry Souffle
24oz of sour cream
2 large packages of vanilla instant pudding
1 package of dream whip
1 package of unflavoured gelatin
1 can of strawberry pie filling
1/4 cup of milk
1 pint of fresh strawberries - cleaned and quartered
1 crumb pie crust
grated white bakers chocolate
Put the top 6 ingredients in a bowl and mix together with a spoon, when blended thoroughly and starting to set fill the pie crust - mounded in the center. Now take the quartered strawberries and place them in graduating circles inward from the crust. Now sprinkle the grated bakers white chocolate lightly over all. Now sprinkle with Cinnamon very lightly. Place in fridge until set - about 2 hrs. Enjoy!!!

Well until next time 
Eat, Drink, and be Merry my friends ...

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